Since 1946, the Musical Merit Foundation of Greater San Diego has held a
yearly competition for instrumentalists and vocalists. Competition winners
have demonstrated extraordinary education, prodigious talent and skill.
Many are currently studying in prestigious universities and conservatories;
many from past competitions are performing professionally in symphonies and opera companies throughout the world.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Musical Merit Foundation of San Diego is to discover, encourage and present young music students of exceptional talent. The Foundation raises funds to provide scholarships to those students who show exceptional musical talent and who pass preliminary and final auditions and evidence exceptional talent.

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Musical Merit
Scholarship Auditions

Preliminary rounds begin May 31

Auditions for returning finalist are Friday June 2

Musical Merit Scholarships Scholarship Auditions and Awards

Annual auditions are held to determine winners of scholarships. Initial screening is conducted through preliminary auditions. Competitors who pass the preliminary auditions are candidates for the final auditions. read more

Musical Merit Requirements Requirements and Eligibility

An applicant who is participating in the Preliminary auditions must be a resident of San Diego County, Imperial County, or Baja California del Norte for one year prior to the time of the Preliminary auditions - OR - have been a full-time registered student (12 semester units) in a college or university in the above geographic area since the preceding September. Proof of full-time registration should accompany the application. Residency requirements do not apply to participants in the FINAL auditions. read more

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green bullet point Close Encounters in Music - The Musical Merit Foundation of San Diego has       inaugurated a new program, which creates intimate, musical experiences       for schoolchildren. This is at no cost to participating schools. read more.

green bullet pointOpportunity to participate in the Foundation's work

green bullet point Pride of sponsorship in helping worthy students achieve their music
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